Manual Choses nues : (*) (Les Cahiers Rouges) (French Edition)

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  2. Divertissements et loisirs dans les sociétés urbaines à l’époque moderne et contemporaine
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A translation, made in such circnmstances, could not fail to be imperfect and another was afterwards made and printed.

See Lowrey G. Tsionk8e, hetsise8anenton ne Ra8enniio. Title on cover reads: E. Printed cover, title reverse approbation 1 L text pp. AcopyMtheBrinteyaaIc, No. Patrick's cburcb, Montreal. Sinee Mr.

Air Indien - AbeBooks

Brown has had no connection with Indian miasiona and, as ho informs me, has done nothing in Indian languages. Bruyas Net. Anctore R. Jacobo Bruyas, j Sooietatia Jeau. By Rev. James Bruyas S. Half title 1 i. Latin title 1 1. Forma vol. It is a close]y written manuscript of H6 pages, which bas long been preserved in'the Mission Honse at Cauglinawaga, or Sanit St. The grammatical sketch M rather a series of notes. Except in strict alphabetical arrangement, it is a very full Mohawk dictionary, written in Latin, but with tho meaning of the words in French.

The Ramirez copy, No. Prioed by Trubner, , p. At the Pinart sale a copy, No. Ra,dic:d words of the Mohawk language, with their derivatives. Forms Appendix B to tbe Sixteenth Ann.

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Parle R. Bruyas, C.

Divertissements et loisirs dans les sociétés urbaines à l’époque moderne et contemporaine

Mauuscript, 27 Il. It is without title, the above appearing aa a heading to p. Manuscript, 11 nnntimbered Il. Seen at Canghnawaga, Canada. After this he was cliiefly at the mission of Sault St. Louis on the St. Lawrence [where he died June In the negotiations between the French and Iroqnois from 69! His last appeara'jce in New York was in and , at Onondaga. In BnBMo Hist. Burtin Rev. Nicolas Victor.

Title verso bifmk Bnrtin, Canghnawaga, 5 Septembre, pp. Joseph, j Sose roiatatokenti rawenmta. Manngcript, in the Mohawk language, in possession of its author, Canghnawaga, Canada. Preface signed N. Burtin, Canghnawttga, 30 Janvier pp.

Then follow pp. Jesos ra,weriasatokenti aweaiiita, Rohia. Cours d'instruction eu langue iroquoisp, Impartie. Buschmann Johann CarlEduM'd. In Honiglicbe Akad. Carl Ed. Berlin, InFerd. Gedrnckt in der Druckerei der MtiigUchen Aka. Ofi Natural Sounds," by Professor J. Translatcd by Campbell Clarke, esq. In Philolog. In Schoolcraft TI. PhHfMle]phia, 1S52, 4". Buttrick Cet. Daniel Sabin Antiquitiea ofthe Cherokee Indians.

Vinita Indian Chieftain, publishers. Printed cover, title Tsvivki Sqdvciv. A 1 Cheroke Spelling Book. For the Mission Establishment at Braiaerd. Printed prier to the invention of Cherokee characters.

Diversion and Pleasure in Damascus During the Ottoman Period

Mannseript, Soen at Caughnawaga, Canada. Manuscript, in the Mohawk language, in the possession of its author, Caughnawaga, Canada. Text pp. Manuscript, pp.


Tho Mohawk words are written between the bars of music, as iu printed music sheets. Description from its author. Mannsoript in the Mohawk language, in possession of its antbor, Caughnawaga, Canada. Title verso blank 1 text pp. MainviRc, pastoratSt. He is still missionary at Caughnawaga and is engaged on a history of that mission.

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  7. Priced in Stevens's Nuggets, No. Tbe Fischer copy, No. At the Field sale a copy, No. Two copies at the Brinley sale, Nos. At the Pinart sale a fine copy, No. Nowcalled,bytheEnglish, rennsylva. By Thomas Campanius Holm. Translatedfromthe Swedish, for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. With notes. By Peter S. Un Ponceau, LL. Of the origin and langnage of the Indians in Virginia and New Sweden, pp. Du Ponceau, LL. Stockholm Tryckt vthi thet af Konigt.