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Search, read and revise whilst on the move and use the interactive self-assessment to test your understanding. Crash Course - a more flexible, practical learning package than ever before. A winning formula now for over 15 years, each series volume has been fine tuned and fully updated, with an improved layout tailored to make your life easier.


Especially written by senior medical students or recent graduates - those who have just been in the exam situation - with all information thoroughly checked and quality assured by expert faculty advisers, the result are books which exactly meet your needs and you know you can trust. Commencing with 'Learning Objectives', every chapter guides you succinctly through the topic, giving full coverage of the curriculum whilst avoiding unnecessary and often confusing detail. A sound knowledge of anatomy will be invaluable in every patient interaction you have - in this bestselling series volume the relationship between anatomy and clinical medicine is made clear throughout.

Updates to this edition include new sections on radiology, highlighting the increased importance of CT and MRI scanning in modern medicine. A fully revised self-assessment section matching the latest exam formats is also included. Basic Concepts of Anatomy 2. The Back 3.

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The Upper Limb 4. The Thorax 5.

Intro To Embedded Programming

The Abdomen 6. The Pelvis and Perineum 7. The Lower Limb 8. Misch Donald C. Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Nursing. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders. Color Atlas of Infective Endocarditis. Colorectal Surgery.

Crash Course Cardiovascular System Updated Print + E-Book Edition

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