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Each Uisge | A Book of Creatures

I was a boy going to school. We got a holiday that day. Well, we were all watching carefully when the net got stuck, and all the gillies got the fear of death on them.

So they just dropped the net, and ran back from the loch. I mind the day fine.

A Book of Creatures

A whilie after they commenced again; and after a whilie the net came away on a sudden. Well, then, they pulled it in like, afraid all the time what would be in the net. The stench of rancid meat and foul water assaulted Edward as the creature stood in silence, the mist doing little to hide the gaping wounds that formed in its skeletal chest - revealing a malformed yet fully-beating heart and what appeared to be small crabs and shellfish moving around inside wounds that had long been drained of blood, like a withered corpse that had been left at sea.

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Edward trembled as the figure finally began to move, revealing large cloven hooves that sunk deep into the marsh as the creature headed slowly towards him - its head bobbing up and down as if unable to fully support itself, steaming breath emerging from a wicked mouth that spread to reveal misshapen teeth so rotten that many had already began to splinter and crack, a long tongue as black as tar rolled out as if tasting the air.

It was at this point Edward realized a disturbing truth, the creature was blind, its eyes milky white as it paused every now and then to "taste" the air - large, torn ears swiveling around atop its head as it dragged its arms behind it with every heavy step it took. Unable to take it any longer Edward tried to run but found himself slipping in the marsh, desperately getting to his feet he continued the pattern of stumbling - his panic making him scramble on all fours in order to try and escape the beast that stood before him Yet as he struggled he found the mist closing in and he closed his eyes, feeling as if his sanity was breaking as he tried to convince himself it was all a nightmare Three days later a local family reported an abandoned van by the corner of the road near a remote section of Highlands, after an investigation the owner of the van was found drowned in a nearby stretch of water: the cause of death remained a mystery though it was believed the man must of slipped somehow and knocked his head on a rock, a wound on his skull seeming to indicate such.


With no signs of foul play the death was considered a tragic accident and authorities closed off the area, though no one would ever know the truth about the late Edward, who learned too late that there are still some things that should be left alone. Sign In Don't have an account?

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The smell of roasting meat can entice it from the water. Determined to take revenge the blacksmith and his son set to work in their forge manufacturing a set of huge iron hooks.

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Taking these down to the loch side where the beast lived they roast a sheep, while heating the hooks in the fire until they were red hot. As evening fell the smell of roast mutton drifted across the loch and thick, grey, mist arose. From out of the mist the each-uisge appeared from the depths and attempted to steal the roasting meat. The blacksmith and his son attacked the creature sticking the red hot hooks into its flesh.

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After a struggle they managed to kill it. When dawn broke all that was left of the each-uisge was a thick sludge on the ground. A guardian Some people think the each-usige is a water spirit that guards the watery path to the afterlife where our ancestors live on.

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