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Synonyms for grim bleak cruel ghastly gloomy glum grisly gruesome harsh horrid ominous shocking somber sour stern terrible austere barbarous cantankerous churlish crabbed crusty dogged ferocious fierce forbidding foreboding formidable frightful funereal glowering grouchy grumpy hideous implacable inexorable intractable merciless morose relentless resolute ruthless scowling severe sinister splenetic stubborn sulky sullen surly truculent unrelenting unyielding MOST RELEVANT.

Andrew peered into the grim face of the older man; there was not a flicker of a smile in it.

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This dart which I hold in my hand was once grim Death's own weapon. Grim, dour, silent, it waited for the beginning of hostilities.

His was a commanding physique, hard as the grim plains from which he wrested his living. Oh, and our weekly newsletter gives you inspiration for recipe ideas and food waste tips.

GRIM | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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