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But what happened to Kid Clit? If you're a fan of The Pussy Centipede please make sure to follow us on Instagram and go to the official site of The Pussy Centipede www. In this totally exciting new episode of The Pussy Centipede: Bobby Trendy, the notorious master of glue guns returns!!!

If you enjoy The Pussy Centipede please make sure to follow us on Instagram and check out our official site www. Welcome to a new episode of The Pussy Centipede! This is possibly one of the most amazing episodes in the entire history of the show, especially since it was sponsored by Cumtown and Burger King!

In today's episode we begin to explore the origins of everybody's favorite bunny horror host, Bunnula the bunny vampire!!!! This episode was recorded on a Tascam Ministudio Porta03 MK2 four track cassette recording machine, and the sound was captured using a ribbon mic! I'd like to give a special shoutout to our superfan Tinker Buff, a bunny model who has given our show a ton of love on Instagram. Kid Clit is back in this stunning new episode of The Pussy Centipede! Scorpionson Jr. If you're into The Pussy Centipede please make sure to check out our official website www.

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Time is not a straight line, in this cosmic episode of The Pussy Centipede! If you enjoy The Pussy Centipede please consider becoming a supporter and please follow us on Instagram! If you enjoy The Pussy Centipede please consider becoming a supporter, but if you're too poor you could at least share the show on the social media of your choice. Also, make sure to follow Bunnula on Instagram! In their first episode they cover the mysterious death of a teenager named Kurt Sova, a story that originally aired on Unsolved Mysteries in I am Bunnula, host of The Pussy Centipede!

I want to welcome you to the future and invite you to become a part of history! If you enjoy The Pussy Centipede please make sure to follow us jillbanner69 on Instagram! In this new episode of The Pussy Centipede our humble narrator Kid Clit continues the thrilling and disturbing tale of Doctor Of Kitties and his sick obsession with Anabelle! Surprises are in store for everyone in what is possibly the most wildin' out episode yet!

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Follow Pussy Tantrum jillbanner69! The Pussy Centipede returns with a bold and ambitious new storyline! This Sweety Kittyness pays homage to the work of Patricia Highsmith and tells the story of a young Doctor Of Kitties and an obsessive love that almost destroyed his career! I hope you enjoy it and, if you like The Pussy Centipede, please find me on Instagram: jillbanner This episode is sponsored by TheBruvsTV.

Follow them on Twitter and look up their totally awesome animated series The Bruvs on Youtube! In this totally new and awesome episode of The Pussy Centipede: Paul Joseph Watson confesses to the cause of his cumlimia disorder, and Detective Of Dinosaurs gets involved with the puppy kidnapping case! Things take a crazy turn on The Pussy Centipede when the moon enters vaginal retrograde! The Pussy Centipede Global Centipede. The Pussy Centipede takes a time jump to the year , to give you a taste of the future! Welcome to , the year that The Pussy Centipede broke!

The Pussy Centipede Voice Death. But not really, it's just that the episode aborted itself because my voice is too fucked up from having a lung infection! The Pussy Centipede William S. In today's very special Christmas episode, narrated by our special guest William S. Burroughs, Doctor Of Kitties gets raped!

In an episode that runs parallel to episode 24, while Doctor Of Kitties is blowing off some steam at the karaoke bar Paul Joseph Watson heads to the karaoke bar in British town to blow off some steam off his own and hopefully curb his desire to vomit up cum. The Pussy Centipede Kitty Karaoke.

Centipede eating its molt

Doctor Of Kitties goes to the karaoke bar to blow off some steam. The Pussy Centipede Cum Wars.

Bobby Trendy's trip to Cincinnati is sidelined by some shocking news: his beloved stepfather has mysteriously commit suicide. Bobby and Slithers are forced to travel to Columbus, Ohio to Bobby's stepfather's apartment where they discover a mysterious paperback called Cum Wars. Ashton Kutcher invests in a box of puppies much to Mila Kunis' dismay! Bobby Trendy hijacks an airplane! The Pussy Centipede is back and things have changed.

Doctor of Puppies is no more, and it's time for Doctor Of Kitties to take center stage! The most important episode ever, The Genital Hernia event destroys The Pussy Centipede universe so that it can rise up from the ashes like a rebooted phoenix bird! Brian From Wings! Does it make you uncomfortable that you're so associated with your films that you're known as "the Human Centipede Guy"? No, not at all. I'm proud of that because I believe that art should do something to people, and with a lot of horror movies and artwork, people are basically indifferent, they don't care. There's nothing more beautiful than people having reacted to your work—that's a big honor, I think.

People either like my work, or they absolutely hate it. There's nothing in between. And I'm very proud of that. More scary stuff: Rob Zombie reviews horror films. You've said in past interviews that women are afraid of you , and that you've gotten death threats on Facebook. Why do you keep making these films despite all that? I think so many people have their own dark fantasies, but they never express them—[but] I'm a filmmaker, and a writer and director, so I find it absolutely thrilling to create my dark fantasies on the screen.

A lot of people that I meet, they see the comedy in it, and that's what I'm really proud of. And everybody can relate to it—[everybody has someone] at work or somebody that they'd like to human centipede What in, your opinion, do your movies say about humanity? What does it mean to be human, according to the wisdom of The Human Centipede? I have a very dark vision on humanity. I think we were born evil. That sounds, maybe, a little crazy, but we are. Society keeps us on the right path.

Because what you see is when wars break out, people turn into animals, so we're walking on thin ice, I think. We are very cruel beings. Like, if you compare us to animals, animals only kill because they have to eat, but the human race also kills for fun. That's very disturbing, I think, and I show that in my movies, the dark side of humanity.

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I remember you saying a few years ago that the third movie was going to make the second movie seem like a Disney movie. Do you think you followed through on that promise? Well, that's in the eye of the beholder.

P3 make a Centipede

I have people that were much more afraid of part three. I have [crew members who] didn't want to have their full names in the end credits, and in part two, they had no problem with it. Part three is way more politically incorrect.

Part two [has a lot of] gore. But I think part three is actually the most controversial of the three movies.