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  1. To be angry/embarrassed that there's so many basic things my parents didn't teach me
  2. 27 powerful life lessons our parents taught us…
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Not only does she constantly tell me, but she has always showed me that I can be anything I want to be. My mom always pushed me to go after my dreams and reach for the stars. She also reassured me I could come back home whenever I wanted to. I learned I needed to feel safe to try new things and master adulting, but also that there's a safety net to catch me if I fell.

My mom is and will always be my safety net. I'm not going to lie, it's difficult, but I'm working really hard on this one. Even a little savings here and there can become huge after a few years.

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My mom taught me it's best to start as soon as possible. Even when a hobby wasn't my forte as a kid, my mom was always there to assure me it was totally OK. If I'm not happy, it's not worth my time stressing over it. I've taken that advice with me into jobs and relationships. My mom taught me that everyone needs a break every once in a while, and it's important to go on vacations at least once a year. It's necessary to put away your jam-packed planner, unplug, unwind for the adventure, and soak up every second of the quality time spent with your travel buddies.

My mom's always reminding me to call my grandma.

To be angry/embarrassed that there's so many basic things my parents didn't teach me

Even though I'm great at checking in, it's a nice reminder that family always comes first. My mom has told me since day one I should never settle. She tells me that I deserve the best, and it's OK waiting for the best to come. I know how lucky I am to have a mom like her, because I'm not feeling any pressure to get married or stick with a job I'm not happy with. She knows my worth, and reminds me of it daily.

My mom always wished for me to find an amazing group of friends.

She knows how important it is to find your squad — a group who supports you endlessly, has your best interests at heart, and makes you laugh until you cry. I twirl like a vampire in the sunlight.

27 powerful life lessons our parents taught us…

I am running around trying to pack my stuff. My mom and my classmate look at me with a big portion of the judgment. My mom nods. I know the drill. I smile and sit and politely agree with the stories my mom tells the others about me. It turns out that I have high marks in school not true and I am very talented aspiring writer of course not! I listen to that and acknowledge that everyone is better than me.

So from now on every person I meet in life I welcome with the assumption that she or he is better than me. Unless this person proves differently. Is it useful and sustainable? You tell me. I stare at the mirror with a huge disappointment on my face. My new haircut looks infuriatingly not perfect.

One part is longer than the other. For the year-old me, it is a disaster. She also had a headache. The prom is just a couple of months ahead. I carefully draw my vision of the perfect prom dress in which I will go to the party. The description is detailed and informative.

What could go wrong? Three days before the prom the dress looks like the crocodile gave birth to eggplant and got smashed by car on the way to the hospital. I read the article in the school newspaper. Whenever someone fails to do what they supposed to do I automatically find an excuse for them. I do it subconsciously. I learn it by heart and even didn't realize I have assimilated it that well. I wish I could come up with excuses for myself as easy as for others. But for some reasons, it works only one way.

things my parents didnt teach me Manual

Maybe I am just empathetic? But where lays this border between empathy and inventing excuses for others?

Did you really do it yourself? I squeeze first grade DIY project in my hands and start to doubt whether I really made it myself. Maybe my imagination played a trick on me? I start to wonder whether it is really a miracle that someone wanted to give me a job or maybe I just got lucky. At that point, I know that I am really nothing and all I got is luck.

Surprisingly I got lucky extraordinary often. How did you know all of that stuff?